Students discuss medical marijuana cards

Medical marijuana cards hold many purposes for students with both mental and physical illnesses. According to Johns and Wales University, some of the benefits of marijuana include treating anxiety disorders as well as reducing inflammation which can help those dealing with chronic pains. 

Students from universities across the U.S. use medical cards as a way to help reduce physical and mental pain. However, it is important to note that universities funded federally do not allow the use of marijuana on campuses even with a medical card, since it is still considered illegal on a federal level, according to Forbes

Audrey Noble, a freshman studying nursing at Bowling Green State University, said she originally got her medical card in order to help her with her bipolar disorder and her eating disorder.

She said when she was originally diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2022 she was put on several different medications, but none of them turned out to be effective. She said she brought up the idea of getting a medical card to her psychiatrist who recommended several different websites for her to make an appointment. 

Noble said while the process was relatively easy, it did come at the cost of around $350 in order to make an appointment and get the card activated. 

She visits a dispensary about once a month and travels to Michigan where products are a lot cheaper than in Ohio, she said. 

Noble said she definitely sees a lot of benefits to having the card when navigating life with a mental illness. 

“It helps a lot with being able to calm down and look at the things around me and not react emotionally because that’s one of my biggest issues,” she said. 

However, she said there is a drawback to owning the card. 

“The only negative thing that I would say with having it is that it enables you to use it for not completely medical (purposes), so I noticed that I was smoking when I didn’t necessarily need it,” she said. “Because I know it’s legal for me, I know that was something I was struggling with, and it got to a point where I felt like I was smoking too much, and I had to take a break from weed. I think that’s definitely a factor if you’re going to get it. It’s about being able to control it and manage it.” 

Quinn Brady, a freshman studying finance at Ohio State University, said he got his medical card when he noticed chronic shoulder pain after playing hockey in high school. 

Like Noble, Brady said the process for getting the card was simple and included an appointment with a doctor and the activation of the card. 

He said he would definitely recommend medical cards to those with physical or mental disabilities. 

“I’ve recommended it to a ton of different people,” he said. “A bunch of people have asked me about it. I love it personally. It’s really easy to use and then you’re also getting safe weed so that’s definitely a big plus out of it.”

Nate Miller, a freshman studying ecology at Ohio University, said he originally got his medical card at the age of 17 and had to ask his parents for permission. Miller was given the card because of his diagnosis with Crohn’s disease which caused him to feel pain sometimes manifested through stomach aches. 

He said he definitely believes in the positive benefits of marijuana and using the card helps with his symptoms. 

“In my personal opinion, I think marijuana can help with a lot of pain and stress and anxiety,” he said. “I think it would be really helpful, and it’s also a safer way to get it than if you’re gonna go on the streets and get it. You know it’s coming from somewhere safe and it’s all legal, so you can’t get in trouble so it’s nice.”


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