Cannabis businesses making an impact in Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) — Marijuana enthusiasts typically celebrate 4/20, and just last month, Governor Andy Beshear signed into law a medical marijuana bill and while the product wont officially be available until 2025, you do have options.

“We’re offering here at cannabis is a place that we really are looking to normalize cannabis, to normalize hemp, to educate people about not just the cannabinoid aspect, but also there’s the fiber side, there’s the grain side,” says Annie Rouse, a co-founder of Cannabuzz Bar the newest addition in the Lexington distillery district.

“We have a variety of products here from capsules to oils to topicals to gummies, even chocolates. We’ll be working on cannabis infused beverages over the next several months as we start developing the bar area,” adds Rouse.

Those with Cannabuzz Bar say their approach to the industry is a little different, offering specific products for specific needs with a twist.

“So it all really depends on each person because everybody’s endocannabinoid system is different, and the way that these cannabinoids can affect you is very different based on your genetics, based on your metabolism, based on a series of things. So it really is more of a personalized approach to medicine and to health and wellness,” also said Rouse.

Cannabuzz adds that the best part is everything stays local.

“We’re very excited for what we’re doing. All of the products here are all natural. Almost all the ingredients are sourced from Kentucky, they’re made in Kentucky. So we’re very much here to support the local economy and to drive education forward and to drive health and wellness forward,” they add.

Over on High Street is a cafe, another one of a kind.

“Everyone really loves our different cannabis add-ons. Getting Delta 8 in your coffee or having a brownie while you work, or people really enjoy that option. It’s something unique to us and it’s definitely something new to the area for sure,” says Far Out Espresso owner, Tyler Rogers.

Far Out Espresso is described as Lexington’s first cannabis bakery, and is part of the company, Far Out Cannabis, offering Delta 8.

“Delta 8 THC is a naturally occurring compound. It’s actually found in the hemp plant naturally, and it’s, it’s, it’s derived through a chemical process and it is complete. It’s very, very similar to what people are more familiar with, which is Delta 9 THC, has very similar effects, maybe a little bit milder,” adds Rogers.

The soft opening of Cannabuzz Bar continues into Friday, they’re located at 938 Manchester Road.
Far Out Espresso can be found on the corner of 496 E High Street.

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