Stoned worms get the munchies after cannabis exposure

Worms get the munchies after having cannabis.

Worms get the munchies when they are exposed to cannabis

Worms get the munchies when they are exposed to cannabis

A new study has found that cannabinoids – substances found in the cannabis plant – make the animals crave their favourite snacks in the same way that humans do.

In the research, published in the journal Current Biology, scientists discovered the worms showed a stronger preference for higher-calorie foods when soaked in a cannabinoid.

The results suggest that cannabis can interfere with an important mechanism that helps to regulate appetite.

Study author Shawn Lockery, of the University of Oregon, said: “We thought, well heck, let’s just try this. We thought it would be amusing if it worked.

“Cannabinoids make (worms) hungrier for their favoured foods and less hungry for their non-favoured foods.

“We suggest that this increase in existing preference is analogous to eating more of the foods you would crave anyway.

“It’s like choosing pizza versus oatmeal.”

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