Village Farms applies for medical cannabis cultivation license

Village Farms is applying for a license from the Texas Department of Public Safety to grow cannabis in a one-acre greenhouse at its Marfa location, in addition to existing tomato crops. If the application is successful, the company also plans to add a dispensary to the property.

The move comes at a time when lawmakers are calling for the expansion of Texas’ Compassionate Use Program (TCUP), which allows for the cultivation and sale of medical cannabis in limited doses to patients with certain conditions, and the agribusiness is seeking to diversify its revenue streams. 

At a Presidio County Commissioners Court meeting last week, Senior Vice President of Strategy for Village Farms Paul Furfaro and the company’s lawyer, Susan Hays, sought, and ultimately won, a letter of support from local government officials for their license application. 

The company representatives argued that the addition of cannabis crops would help keep the business alive, adding taxable value and creating new jobs while opening up the potential for future expansion as cannabis laws in Texas evolve. 


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