Local cannabis dispensaries looking to educate future patients on medical marijuana

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) – The Cannabis Festival is the one opportunity many dispensaries have to help their potential clients better understand the industry.

“It’s about medication, treating what your ailments are and getting you back on the right track without all those pills that tear up your kidneys and your liver,” said Barbara Wilson.

Wilson is the CEO of Bee’s Buds Dispensary and has been a nurse for 26 years. She says after sitting down with patients to determine what product works best for their illness, she has seen lives change.

“I’ve experienced many people who have anxiety that come in and they’re not anxious or irritable,” said Wilson. “I had families that come in saying, ‘Thank you for fixing my husband,’ or, ‘Thank you for fixing my wife.’”

Wilson is a proud advocate for medical marijuana and would like to treat people who are looking for alternative medicines.

That includes people like Jeremiah Philips, who has seen many doctors and dealt with many medicines.

“It’s a really rough road and it’s hard,” said Philips. “It’s hard to trust the doctor when they give you so many medications with symptoms that make your life worse.”

Philips says he now has a better understanding of what medical marijuana can potentially do for him — something that Wilson is hoping to spread.

“I find that as a trustworthy trait that the people we have here aren’t saying, ‘Well, we’re not going to talk to you,’” said Philips. “They’re going ‘I love to talk to you,’ ask you some questions, your age and talk to you about how this can change your life.”

“It is just so heartwarming to see the way they come in with these big smiles and without their canes and I’m like, ‘Hey, you forgot your cane’ and she’s like ‘I know, isn’t that fabulous?’” said Wilson.

Bee’s Buds will have a Medical Cannabis Patient Drive on April 30 and will have a doctor on site to help anyone to navigate on the Mississippi State Department of Health’s website to register for their medical marijuana card.

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