Medical Notes: April 23, 2023

Autism diagnoses are at an all-time high

The CDC reports that four percent of eight-year-old boys and one percent of eight-year-old girls in the U.S. have autism – the highest estimates since the monitoring network was created in 2000. Experts say this rise isn’t just due to increased awareness and testing because it’s affecting all subtypes of autism spectrum disorder across all demographic groups. While researchers don’t know the primary reason for the increase, some known risk factors include prematurity, c-section delivery, and the parents’ age.

Teens using cannabis could have major reproductive effects later in life

A new study in Toxicological Sciences shows that females who are exposed to THC at a young age could affect their ability to get pregnant. Researchers injected immature mice with THC for two weeks. This regular consumption decreased the number of healthy ovarian follicles by almost 50 percent. This study is one of the first to give insight into the potential long-term effects of marijuana use (UC Irvine).

Do we need to improve our food labels?

BPA is a toxic chemical that disrupts our hormones. it was used in plastics, water bottles, and paper receipts, but has since been replaced with BPS. Unfortunately, scientists say there’s growing evidence that this substitute may have similar health effects. A study published in Environmental Science and Technology shows that BPS and other chemicals migrate through packaged materials and get absorbed into the food we eat (McGill University).

Artificial intelligence could help keep people alive

For new research published in Nature Digital Medicine, scientists created a system that utilizes social media and AI to predict future changes in opioid-related deaths. It monitors language used on Twitter and past mortality rates from the CDC to predict results with surprising accuracy. The researchers hope this tool will allow community leaders to target the areas where increased deaths are expected (Stony Brook University).

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