Governor would approve medical marijuana

Republicans in the Assembly are talking about the possibility of medical marijuana in Wisconsin.

Democratic Governor Tony Evers says the chances are high that he’ll sign a medical marijuana bill if it reaches his desk.

“It’s something that we have in our budget. Unless there’s some poison pill in there, I anticipate being able to sign it,” said Evers.

The Governor says ideally he’d like to see a path toward legalizing both recreational and medical marijuana, but getting one of the two seems to be a good start.

“The Speaker made it clear that this isn’t a two-step dance, that we’re going to have medical, and then recreational.”

Evers says full legalization remains a goal for him, especially with the number of tax dollars going to Illinois and Michigan where residents can make legal purchases.

“People in Wisconsin have overwhelmingly voted with their feet on this issue. Do I think we’ll have it at some point in time, yes.”

Evers says while ideally, he wants to see full legalization, he doesn’t want perfect to be the enemy of good.

“At the end of the day, this is something the people of Wisconsin have asked for. So we’re going to continue to fight for it and see where we end up.”

Evers made his comments in Wausau on Friday.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is said to be working with a group of Republicans in his chamber to craft a plan that could be introduced this fall.

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