University of Kentucky program focusing in on cannabis use

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – A substance use program at the University of Kentucky is honing in on the use of cannabis.

It comes just weeks after the commonwealth passed its own medical cannabis program into law.

Monday, UK kicked off its fifth annual Substance Use Research Event (SURE) by welcoming in Dartmouth professor Alan Budney. He brought 30+ years of experience on the knowns and unknowns of cannabis as it relates to public health.

Dr. Budney says many of the same ailments people have been told cannabis is effective for make them vulnerable to developing use disorders with all substances, including cannabis.

He says the term medical cannabis is also misleading since the products are the same as those used recreationally.

“Everybody has to do it eventually. I just wish that they would stop with the medical marijuana bills and go to adult-use bills and just regulate it really well,” said Dr. Budney.

He says creating medical programs like the one just passed into law in Kentucky makes life very hard for physicians because there are no precise doses or prescriptions that doctors can give for it.

Dr. Budney believes many more years of work are needed to bring more clarity around the substance, so he sees Dr. Shanna Babalonis and her UK Cannabis Center as a critical part of developing that science.

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