Hemp-Based Food Line Hemprella Now Offered in Lidl Supermarkets in Europe

Hemp-based superfood line hemprella is now available in one of Europe’s largest supermarket chains, Lidl.

The company’s full product line, which includes hemp flower, hemp oil, protein powder, protein bars, hemp seeds, muesli, and yogurt toppings, is available in 1,300 Lidl stores across the Netherlands and Poland, according to a press release.

“We are thrilled to launch hemperella via Lidl, one of Europe’s largest supermarket chains, as we meet the need for healthy, delicious, easy-to-eat products in the rapidly growing hemp-based superfood industry,” said Laura Kam, chief marketing officer of CWw Consulting and Marketing, a Berlin-based consulting company that launched hemprella. “Hemperella is designed to make healthy eating a popular, affordable, and environmentally friendly option.”

According to the release, the hemprella products are vegan and validated by the Eurofins Food Safety Solution, and are certified Bio and Safe and Gluten-free.


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