What Are The Laws About Getting a Marijuana DUI in Illinois?

Do you know what the laws are in Illinois when it comes to receiving a DUI after using marijuana? IllinoisDriversLicense

Marijuana use and possession in legal now in Illinois. One thing that hasn’t changed is the laws about DUI after consuming marijuana. There are two different laws that pertain to a Marijuana DUI, so here we go…

Law #1. Driving while under the influence of marijuana alone or if it is combined with another drug, means that you are not capable of safely driving. But what about the amount, how much? What officially makes you “not able” to drive?

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Law #2. In Illinois, it is illegal to drive with a THC concentration of 5 or more nanograms in your bloodstream or 10 or more nanograms in any other bodily substance (e.g. saliva or urine) within 2 hours of driving or being in physical control of a motor vehicle. – The David Law Group 

Now there is something to add to that last part, if you are a medical marijuana user in Illinois…This breakdown of the “amount” 5 or more nanograms, 10 or more in bodily substance, completely out the window IF you have a medical marijuana card. Whoa!

In the case that you do have a medical marijuana card, the concept of receiving a DUI for marijuana use is up the the officers observation of you.

So yes, a DUI is possible if you are driving too high and it is proved by what you have in your system. But, if you are a medical marijuana card holder things are different.

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