Cannabis block suggested for businesses in Mankato

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) – In the early morning hours Saturday, the Minnesota Senate took the final steps in legalizing cannabis for recreational use.

All that remains now is a signature from Governor Walz, something that’s expected sometime next week.

But, here in Mankato, city staff recommends a temporary block on the law for those who want to start a business…

Maddie Paul has the details.

Zoning and licensing regulations… That’s at the heart for a new Mankato moratorium that looks at the legislation of recreational cannabis use in the state of Minnesota. Now, if you were looking to use personally, you still can! This ordinance is just a way for city staff to jumpstart a study on the law’s business regulations.

All areas of consideration include the growth and sale of cannabis-related products, the number of businesses compared to population density, and where to put these cannabis businesses.

Some examples mentioned in front of the Mankato city council were having one license per 12,500 people and keeping cannabis businesses away from schools and parks.

The moratorium doesn’t apply to the medical cannabis program nor the sale of THC products.

But, as long as the moratorium is active, there can be no sale of cannabis products in Mankato.

“We’re just giving information to the state. We’re not giving an opinion about whether an applicant should or should not have the license, other than does it meet our zoning, where they want to put it, doe the background check.”

Since this is an upcoming study, there’s no specific provisions as of now.

The city has one year from the effective date of the ordinance to complete its study.

Mankato city council says the ordinance will start on or after June 23.

City staff expect the state’s cannabis law to become active on July 1 or August 1.

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