Medical Marijuana: Answers to your Questions – New Jersey Tickets, Mon, Aug 28, 2023 at 8:30 AM

With recommendations for young children with severe illness, to adults with PTSD, chronic pain, Tourrette’s, along with a wide host of other chronic conditions, health practitioners are wondering:

“Does this help or harm my patient?”

Medical Marijuana has been legal in many states for quite some time. As you probably already know, many have passed laws for recreational use, as well. As such, it is important for therapists to understand the impact these new laws can pose to mental health.

At the end of the program the learner will:

-Be able to comprehend and describe facts about cannabis and its effects on the body, brain and possible medication interactions

-Be able to describe and comprehend, what and how much patients use for their medical conditions

-Be able to describe and differentiate between medical, recreational, and dependent or problematic cannabis use and apply this knowledge to motivating towards appropriate level of care

Q&A session in the afternoon with a cannabis industry expert!

We will cover the history from antiquity through the present and discuss in depth the theoretical and real world applications of this evolving issue.

Group discounts available, Contact David Aronson LCSW Directly for Discounts, Questions, or Concerns

David Arononson LCSW – 207 331 4109 –

Refunds will be granted to cancellations made in excess of 7 days from the event. Cancellations within that time frame will be offered a credit for another event.

“This course, Medical Marijuana: Answers to Your Questions, Approval #01202023-26 R, provided by David Aronson LCSW is approved for continuing education by the New Jersey Social Work Continuing Education Approval Collaborative, which is administered by NASW-NJ. CE Approval Collaborative Approval Period: Friday, January 20, 2023 through August 31, 2024. New Jersey social workers will receive 5.5 Clinical CE credits for participating in this course.”

This event is approved by Florida CSWMFT & Nursing Board – CE broker course #20-701088

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