Releaf slams ‘fear-mongering tactics’ used by PN MPs during cannabis parliamentary debate

Releaf, an NGO that favours cannabis legalisation, has called out the “fear-mongering tactics” used by Nationalist MPs during a parliamentary debate on Monday.

“Using stigmatizing language only serves to perpetuate stereotypes and further marginalize individuals who use cannabis for various purposes, including medicinal, therapeutic, and personal reasons,” the advocacy group said.

On Monday, parliament was debating a legislative amendment allowing the ARUC – the regulatory body on cannabis association licensing – to issue administrative fines related to the substance.

Nationalist MPs Claudette Buttigieg, Graziella Attad Previ and Albert Buttigieg insisted the enactment of the law regularising cannabis has created a “free-for-all” culture.

Claudette Buttigieg even made an unsupported claim about a service guide dog getting high from second-hand cannabis smoke.

The NGO said it firmly believes in an open, informed and evidence-based discussions when it comes to cannabis reform.

“It is essential to focus on facts, research, and the experiences of individuals who have benefited from cannabis use, rather than relying on baseless claims designed to create fear and confusion,” it said.

It urged policymakers and those engaged in the debate to adopt a more compassionate and informed approach. “Let us prioritize understanding, empathy, and scientific evidence to shape policies that benefit society as a whole.”

“As a community, we must continue to challenge stigmatization and educate others about the potential benefits of cannabis. By fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, we can dismantle the harmful narratives surrounding cannabis and promote a more progressive and compassionate approach to drug policy,” Releaf said.

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