What Are the Different Kinds of Edibles?

Are you tired of smoking to get your marijuana high? There’s nothing wrong with taking a break from puffing the Cheeba and snacking on some weed edibles. In modern marijuana culture, almost everything has been “weed-infused” at least once. Cannabis-infused snacks like cotton candy, pretzels, and beef jerky are not widespread and readily available. Still, they show the extraordinary lengths smokers will go to create a tasty treat that takes the edge off. 

Keep reading for some of the most popular weed-infused edibles you can make or find at just about any dispensary.

Cannabis Baked Goods

For many long-time smokers, brownies and other baked goods are the first things that come to mind when thinking about marijuana edibles. Making the infused butter for weed brownies is easy, and who doesn’t like tasty, gooey brownies? One of the main benefits of making weed brownies or weed cookies at home is that you can adjust the recipe to be as mild or wild as you’d like. Be sure to try out our pot brownie recipe for a quick, tasty dessert that will get you hooked. Just be sure to label them properly if you leave them out!

Weed Gummies

Cannabis-infused gummies are a popular form of edibles that you’ll find at just about every dispensary. Dozens of popular edible brands, like Incredibles, Mindy’s, and Encore Edibles, make their own weed gummies with a unique set of flavors. Make sure to check the amount of CBD/THC in each piece before you eat too many at once. In Illinois, you’ll find marijuana edibles with anywhere from .25mg to 100mg per piece, so be careful with your dosage.

Hard Candies and Cannabis Suckers

Compared to many other marijuana-infused snacks, cannabis hard candies last a long time in your cupboard without going bad or losing their potency. Infused hard candies take effect by slowly dissolving in your mouth, resulting in a long-lasting, gradual high. Similar to cannabis gummies, there are all kinds of fruity and savory flavors to try from dozens of different edible brands. You can even find cannabis-infused lollipops which have the same ingredients.

Infused Chocolate

Another candy that’s popular in most dispensaries is cannabis chocolate. Some of the most popular types of infused chocolates include milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and caramel. To make your own cannabis chocolate, add cannabutter to your melted melting chocolate and allow it cool. You can even mold them into shapes, dip fruit, or use your infused chocolate for out-of-this-world s’mores. Whether you’re buying infused chocolates or making them on your own, be sure to keep them in a cool place because, like all chocolates, they’re susceptible to melting!

Canna Beverages

With many young folks not drinking alcohol as much as previous generations, cannabis-infused drinks are on the rise. Depending on where you look, you’ll find all manner of CBD and THC-infused beverages like spritzers, seltzers, and tonics. If you’d like to make your own concoction, you can also shop for “shots” that can be mixed with any other beverage. But be careful; cannabis-infused drinks will make you feel high just as much as the next edible, so don’t go chugging until you understand your limits.

Salty Infused Snacks

If you have gotten this far, you may have noticed, that the most popular cannabis-infused snacks are sweet rather than savory. Since most cannabis-infused edibles are made from infused coconut oil, olive oil, corn syrup, or cannabutter, it’s much easier to create a mixture or bake something new rather than properly mixing cannabis with pasta or a steak. However, infused cannabis salt is beginning to pop up, which can be added to just about any dish. By mixing an extract with run-of-the-mill table salt, you can create a cannabis salt to flavor things with. Pretty soon, your Brussels sprouts won’t seem so bad!

Like everything else in the marijuana industry, edibles have been rapidly evolving over the past few years to feature more and more products like those listed above. Now, instead of smoking, you can chew, drink, season, and dip your way into a good time.

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