Drive-thru marijuana dispensaries can continue in Portage after council action last night | WKZO | Everything Kalamazoo

PORTAGE, MI (WKZO AM/FM) – The Portage City Council has approved the installation of drive-thru windows at marijuana dispensaries in town, if they can meet zoning requirements.

Drive-thru windows were allowed under special provisions during the COVID-19 pandemic to reduce person to person exposure, but that expired when the emergency order was lifted.

Dispensary owner James Brayton says the service was sorely missed when they had to close their window, especially for medical marijuana customers with PTSD or disabled.

Co-owner Kim Brayton says the window was the safer alternative then and they are is now.

The ordinance changes call for specific designs that include sufficient room for a number of cars to line up, and security cameras.

Kim Brayton says their drive-through window meets those standards but she thinks those requirements are too stringent for other dispensaries who may not have the space or the cash to install a window that meets city specifications.

The Council approved the ordinance amendments as recommended on a unanimous vote.

reporting from John McNeill

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