Study Indicates Good CBD Tolerability In Dogs

A recently completed study submitted for peer review has provided some encouraging results regarding the impacts of long-term CBD use in dogs.

With the use of cannabidiol (CBD) for pets on the rise where it is legally permitted, there are still questions that need to be answered concerning its safety profile in this application.

In a recent randomized, non-blinded, negative controlled, parallel design repeat dose study, 16 healthy male and 16 healthy female dogs – all of which at least 6-months old – were randomly placed into four groups and administered either:

  • Medium chain triglyceride oil as the control. This is a commonly used type of carrier oil for other substances.
  • A broad spectrum cannabidiol formulation
  • A broad spectrum cannabidiol with cannabigerol (CBG)
  • A broad spectrum cannabidiol with cannabidiolic acid (CBDA).

Where cannabinoids were used, they were administered at 5 mg total  per kilogram of body weight a day for 90 consecutive days. Daily observations and weekly detailed clinical examinations were carried out during the study period, along with  body weights, food consumption and clinical pathology evaluations.

No serious adverse events were recorded during the study. The researchers stated post-market surveillance data for hemp-derived supplement products sold for use in dogs from 2010 to April 2023 shows the rate of adverse events per 1 million administrations sold is 2.19, and in terms of serious adverse events, just 0.01.

The authors concluded these substances do not pose significant risk to dogs in long-term use.

“This research is a game-changer for pet health offering an expanded horizon for veterinarians, industry, and pet owners alike,” said Nutrasource Director of Preclinical and Companion Animal Services, Dr. Margitta Dziwenka, DVM, DABT. “These findings grant us a renewed sense of confidence in exploring CBD product development for use in companion animals, so that industry can confidently answer the call and growing demand for natural and alternative products.”

While results from the study are pretty positive, bear in mind it is yet to be peer-reviewed. And if you’re considering starting your dog on CBD, be sure to first seek advice and supervision from a suitably qualified animal health professional.

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