Madison Bans Sale Of Recreational Marijuana

MADISON, CT – Madison has banned the sale or retail sale of recreational cannabis within the Town of Madison.

Madison’s Cannabis Establishment Ordinance was approved on Monday, May 22.

In March, the town approved drafting an ordinance and held a public hearing on the proposal on April 24.

After the meeting on April 24, the Town of Madison released the Cannabis Survey 2023 Results.

The results showed that 58 percent of survey respondents opposed zoning approval for cannabis retail establishments. However, 42 percent of the respondents favored zoning approval for cannabis retail establishments.

The approved cannabis establishment ordinance will not affect medical cannabis.

“The prohibition and fine in this section shall not apply to any fully lawful and licensed cultivation, processing, manufacturing, or sale of cannabis for medical purposes,” the ordinance states. “Such cultivation, processing, dispensing or manufacturing of medicinal cannabis must comply with state law and the Town of Madison Zoning Regulations.”

According to the ordinance, the town of Madison’s First Selectperson, Madison Law Enforcement Personnel, Planning and Zoning Commission, and/or the Zoning Enforcement Officer shall have the authority to enforce the cannabis establishment ordinance in accordance with the Town’s citation ordinance.

>>>Read the complete cannabis establishment ordinance here.

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