5 Tips For Choosing The Right Vaporizer 2023

Vaping is emerging as the most popular cannabis consumption method among consumers. Top among the reasons for the technique’s growing popularity is its high systemic bioavailability.  Their heating technology also optimizes the bioactive compound’s production and flavor.

Additionally, the vape market’s product diversity is remarkable, providing users with many options. However, while diversity should be a good thing, it presents a challenge, particularly for new vapers struggling to find the ideal product.

So, how do you identify the right vaporizer to deliver a profound vaping experience? Keep reading this vaporizer buyers’ guide to choosing the perfect vape device for your lifestyle.

1. Consider The Vaporizer’s Size

Vape vaporizers are available in various sizes, ranging from pocket-size devices, like disposable vapes, to massive desktop vape mods and pods. Each vaporizer size has pros and cons worth considering before purchasing the product.

To begin with, large desktop vaporizers are designed with features that make them ideal for multi-user vaping sessions such as house parties. Initially, revelers in a vape party resorted to creating homemade bongs to participate in the “puff puff pass’ ritual without the challenges of smaller vape devices.

Small-sized vaporizers, on the other hand, are unideal for multiple users because they have a low battery capacity and will likely run out of charge before all the guests can use them. They also have small cartridges and heating chambers, necessitating frequent refills.

However, powerful desktop vaporizers like the Gravity Bong revolutionized vaping parties with their distinct features. First, they utilize a dedicated power source, eliminating the need to recharge the device or change batteries during a vaping session. And with a significantly larger heating chamber and a balloon mechanism that holds vapor for hours, you can vape for hours.

The large desktop vaporizer accommodates multiple controls, including temperature and airflow controls, allowing users to toggle and tailor the vaping session to meet their needs.

Some desktop vaporizers have multi-user adapters connected to a valve, allowing up to four users access to a dedicated mouthpiece. While the “puff puff pass” ritual is the core of vape parties, a dedicated mouthpiece is more hygienic, yet it allows you to commune with friends.

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While small vaporizers like vape pens are unideal for vape parties, they are perfect for on-the-go use. For starters, their small size allows them to fit discreetly into pockets and coin purses. Moreover, most feature sturdy construction to withstand repeated use and abuse while on the go.

Generally, there is no recommended vape device size for all consumers. You should consider your vaping needs and decide whether you prefer a more extensive, non-portable vaporizer or a smaller portable one with limited controls.

2. Ease of Use

Vaping may look like a series of inhales and exhales, but the technique requires a bit of a learning curve to master. However, different vaporizers have unique specifications that make mastering vaping more accessible or challenging. Therefore, consider your experience level and the user-friendliness level you desire from a vaporizer before purchasing the device.

Most medium-sized to large vaporizers have bells and whistles, including custom temperature controls and airflow regulations to allow consumers to customize their vaping experience.

However, while such devices favor experienced vapors which have identified their vaping “sweet spot,” they can be confusing and even frustrating for newbies.

On the other hand, starter pack vaporizers, including disposable vape pens, have automated features, like draw activation rather than a start button, to make vaping easier for newbies. Therefore, consider the ease of use based on the vaporizer’s specifications before purchasing it.

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3. Consider The Heating Element

Heating elements are a crucial aspect of any vaporizer device’s anatomy and determine the quality of vapor produced concerning the cannabinoid content and flair in the vapor. The primary heating techniques in vaporizer heating elements are conduction and convection.

For vaporizes that utilize conduction, the heating element directly interacts with the dry herb or e-liquid. Conduction vaporizers’ downside is that the herb may burn from direct heat, generating an acrid taste and subpar vapor.

Moreover, they require a tightly-paced heating chamber to facilitate efficient heat transfer, meaning consumers use more dry peer vaping sessions.

On the other hand, conventional vaporizers utilize hot air to heat dry herbs or e-liquid to desirable temperatures for cannabinoid release. The indirect heating, whereby the hot air passes through the dry herb in the heating chamber, facilitates even heating for maximum cannabinoid and terpene release.

Also, conventional vaporizers use less product because they require packing the heating chamber lightly to facilitate efficient hot air flow.

Some vaporizers have two heating chambers, one for dry herbs and the second for e-liquids. Therefore, consider your preferred heating method and cannabinoid consumable form before purchasing a vaporizer.

4. Consider Your Budget

The vaporizers on the market range in price from as low as USD20 to over USD500. However, expensive isn’t always the best, and the last thing you want is to break the bank over a vaporizer.

Therefore, have a budget and consider vaporizers with specifications that meet your needs within your budget. You can read user reviews to determine the most durable, efficient, and worthwhile vaporizer brands within your budget.

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5. Maintenance

Reusable vaporizers require routine maintenance, including charging the battery, cleaning the cartridges, and changing the vape coils each time the cartridge runs out of e-liquid. On the other hand, disposable vaporizers require zero maintenance since you put them away after exhausting their contents.

However, disposable vaporizers are potential environmental hazards and may cost more in the long run. Therefore, consider the level of maintenance required to keep the vaporizer functioning efficiently.


A vaporizer may seem like a low-involvement purchase, but purchasing the right vaporizer is the difference between an other-worldly vaping experience and a crappy time. So, follow the tips above to identify your vaping needs and buy the perfect vaporizer to meet them.

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