Just 53 people have enrolled for medical cannabis programme in seven years

Only 53 patients have managed to avail of the Medical Cannabis Access Programme (MCAP) since 2017.

According to figures obtained in a parliamentary question from Independent TD Violet Anne Wynne, there have been no new enrolees since the beginning of this year.

There are three qualifying medical conditions recognised by MCAP: spasticity associated with multiple sclerosis, intractable nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy, and severe, refractory epilepsy.

Ms Wynne said the programme is overly restrictive and the numbers applying for a Ministerial Licence shows that the scope of MCAP needs to be broadened.

Since July 2019, 319 patients have got medicinial cannabis through the Ministerial Licence pathway with only one successful applicant this year.

“A significant drawback of the MCAP is the lack of financial support for the applicants and that places an undue burden on them,” said Ms Wynne.

“So there is a need to see the MCAP’s expansion and that is underscored by the higher number utilising the Ministerial Licence indicating that the current MCAP framework is overly restrictive.”

The Clare Independent TD said these schemes are unworkable and are leaving people in pain.

“The disparity in patient numbers between the two pathways is stark and telling,” Ms Wynne said.

“Those resorting to the Ministerial Licence are often those that are ineligible for the Medical Cannabis Access Programme and they are left with no choice but to undertake the arduous process of securing a Ministerial Licence in collaboration with their healthcare providers.”

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