Arthur Wakeley, first company to make medical cannabis

Its Midlands facility was registered by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MRHA) for the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) of its cannabis​ active pharmaceutical ingredient.  

Arthur Wakeley, managing director of Celadon​, explains why it was so important to the company. 

Was Celadon striving to be the first GMP regulated company – what extra lengths has the company gone to achieve this?

Since medicinal cannabis was legalised in 2018, Celadon has been at the forefront of the sector. Our mission is to help patients and to get the best quality medicines to them – that’s what drives us. We have built an incredible team and raised £20 million ($24 million) in the past two years – this has helped us invest significantly in our indoor hydroponic cultivation, quality controls and manufacturing. I think this makes Celadon pretty unique in the sector.

Where did your initial interest in this THC/high-grade medical cannabis come from?

As a pharmaceutical company, it’s all about the data, clinical trials and efficacy. Seeing how life-changing cannabis-based medicines​ can be for a variety of conditions (e.g. epilepsy, MS, chronic pain) is a huge motivation to develop these medicines and drive forward further R&D. In the UK currently there are 8 million adults with moderate to severely chronic pain – it’s one of the biggest silent epidemics imaginable, and yet these patients are not getting the help or medications that they need. Furthermore, the opioid crisis in the US highlights how flawed existing medications are for chronic pain patients – cannabinoids can be an incredible step forward for millions of patients.

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