Medical cannabis company in Wessington finding success in South Dakota

WESSINGTON, S.D. (Dakota News Now) – South Dakota’s medical cannabis industry is still navigating hurdles set in front of them by regulations, and learning more about the market they’re in. But a family run operation in central South Dakota said it’s finding success across the state.

What was the old school building in Wessington is now the home of Dakota Natural Solutions Grow, and Dakota Natural Solutions Industries. They’re still in the process of renovating the old school into their own home, and making changes as state rules change as well.

“Having to make sure that it would meet those requirements of said ordinances that were still yet to be developed.” Dakota Natural Solutions Owner Glenn Jungemann said.

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But Jungemann said they wouldn’t want to have the facility anywhere else, as it supports their employees locally and helps support the community of Wessington as well.

“We figure things out. We’re out here in South Dakota, and sometimes you don’t have the services that everybody else has available to them. We have great people in this state, and we’re so resilient, we can find a way. There’s always an opportunity. As far as the pride, I’m proud for this state, I’m proud for our community,” Jungemann said. “We want to know that we’re doing business with our neighbors. Whether you’re from Buffalo, South Dakota, or Elk Point, South Dakota. If you’re from Summit to Hot Springs. If you’re from South Dakota, you’ve got an in with somebody already. I don’t mean to take that lightly, it’s respect I think we’ve worked hard to get.”

Other than extra security and plenty of regulations, General Manager Joe Salisbury said it’s very similar to crop farming. He says they’re fortunate to have the employees they do.

“Part of it is very similar to a greenhouse. There’s people here watering plants every day, seven days a week, 365 [days].” Salisbury said.

Jungemann said now their two largest hurdles are meeting the demand for dispensaries across the state looking to buy their products. But also making sure that any legislation coming out of Pierre doesn’t box in a growing industry in the state.

“I’ve seen the benefit, I’ve talked to the families that really appreciate what it did for somebody at the end of their life or the difference it’s made. For people with PTSD, with some anxiety, some other pain.” Jungemann said.

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