UK Medical Cannabis Registry: A Patient Evaluation

. 2023 Feb 10;1-8.

doi: 10.1080/15360288.2023.2174633.

Online ahead of print.


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James Tait et al.

J Pain Palliat Care Pharmacother.



The UK Medical Cannabis Registry is the largest real world data platform for medical cannabis outcomes in the UK, providing insight into clinical outcomes and monitoring safety of this novel therapy. This study aims to assess the functionality and accessibility of the online data collection platform and patient priorities for future research. Descriptive statistics were used to analyze quantitative data. For open-ended questions an inductive thematic analysis was performed. 600 responses were recorded. 554 (92.3%) patients had used the platform. 272 (90.4%) patients believed it was easy to input medications. 52 (8.67%) patients recorded an adverse event with 38 (73.1%) finding it easy to record. 535 (96.6%) patients had completed health questionnaires with 490 (91.6%) patients finding this easy to do. 553 (92.2%) patients agreed that contributing to the registry would impact the medical care of future patients. ‘Assessing the impact of medical cannabis on quality of life generally’ was the top research priority for 357 (59.3%) patients. This study demonstrates that most enrolled patients found the platform easy to use and believed they were positively impacting future medical cannabis patient care. Future patient research priorities included assessment of quality of life and condition-specific outcomes.


Cannabis; cannabinoids; medical cannabis; research priorities.

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