CBG Is The New Ingredient You’ll Want To Add To Your Skincare Routine

As we age, it becomes very clear that our acne days are not left in our teens. In fact, over 25% of women in their 40s still suffer from acne (via Yale Medicine). 

Acne is so difficult to treat because certain products can create more problems with irritating and dehydrating our skin. It can be expensive and time-consuming to experiment with all the products available to purchase. This is where CBG is really great. CBG benefits your skin because it’s not only anti-inflammatory, but it is also antibacterial. According to High Beauty, “It penetrates to the basal and subcutaneous layers where it helps calm inflammation, reduces blemishes, purifies pores, balances sebum (oil) production, and assists with cellular turnover.” 

CBG not only hydrates, but it works to balance your skin, improving its softness and making it blemish-free. CBG works well with the natural oils of our skin. It is a gentle way to keep our skin glowing.

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