Most Popular Types of Cannabis Seeds in 2023

These are created types due to the selection process, the purpose of which is to enhance or emphasize certain properties of marijuana. Typically, strains are made to increase the cannabinoids and terpenes in the cannabis chemistry. The breeding process can also create regular, auto-flowering, and feminized cannabis seeds that are more affordable to grow.

There are three main subtypes: Indica, Sativa, and hybrid. The growers themselves usually choose names for strains. The name often emphasizes the properties of the variety or speaks of its origin.

A suitable type of cannabis among most producers is associated with one that fulfills a number of requirements for the leading indicators:

  • Yield;
  • Ease and availability in cultivation;
  • THC/CBD content;
  • Effects and impact on health;
  • Smell and flavor;
  • Terpene profile;
  • Application in medicine.

Based on them, has identified some of the best cannabis seeds to look out for this year.

Auto Forbidden Cherry

This is one of the new strains from Dutch Passion, a real revolution in the terpene-aromatic profile. The rich cherry aroma is generously reduced by the alluring dampness, freshness, and sharpness of the lime, which makes the fruity sweetness more tart and refined.

Just a few puffs dull the senses and sharpen the consciousness, freeing the mental stream back home and giving the perception of blissful contemplation through the haze of fog. Last but not least, this is facilitated by THC’s content, which reaches 20%.

Among the pleasant properties of this type of cannabis is its ability not only to raise mood but also to improve appetite and sleep, so it can also be used to normalize painful conditions.

If the cannabis is grown indoors, then from the moment of flowering to harvest, it usually takes 10 weeks. Outdoors will likely take two weeks longer, but it will pay off with a larger crop that provides space and fresh air. In any case, the productivity and ruggedness of the Auto Forbidden Cherry seed is another plus as it allows it to be grown even in climates similar to Northern Europe.

Tropical Tangie

Another meticulously selected product from the same company is a fragrant tangerine strain with 20% THC levels and available exclusively as feminized seeds. The pleasant tangerine sweetness diluted with chemical and diesel notes, and availability of growing have huge potential for those looking to purchase cannabis seeds for sale.

This strain with a predominance of Sativa has a pronounced anti-anxiety effect, which gives waves of relaxing euphoria, improves sleep and appetite, and allows you to take a fresh look at many things.

Tropical Tangie blooms in 8-9 weeks, with the right toppings to boost indoor and outdoor yields. This variety grows well with the SCROG method due to the structure of the branches, which makes them easy to handle.


These Seed City feminized seeds are recommended for individual purchase. Crossing parents created an Indica-dominant, 23% THC strain Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and fruity Sunset Sherbert. It tastes and smells like a berry jelly cake with pronounced notes of orange, deciduous forest, earth, and herbs.

The effect of this weed is swift and intense and starts with immediate dizziness. The body becomes relaxed, supple, and lazy, yet able to move. Many note the psychedelic peak of Gelato’s effects, accompanied by effects such as time dilation and increased sensitivity to sounds and touch.

In medicine, this strain is actively used in the treatment of headaches, spasms, symptoms of anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic syndrome. Its effects are perfect for relaxation and calming.

The disadvantages of this strain include its whimsicality in cultivation, which is not always subject to beginners. Clones may need pruning to grow, as Gelato has not been available to commercial growers for a long time, so people could not buy these cannabis seeds for sale. Growing outdoors requires a warm and humid climate that is much easier to maintain indoors. Flowering can occur in the period from 56 to 80 days.

Royal Runtz

This hybrid strain is primarily known for its powerful effect, which literally blows you off your feet, as evidenced by the 27% THC content. His parents are Gelato and Zkittlez. From them, Royal Runtz took only the best – this applies to both the terpene-aromatic profile and the effects of exposure.

The strain begins to demonstrate its impressive qualities even at the stage of inhaling the aroma, which resembles a pungent tropical fruit salad, which literally corrodes the nostrils with intense miasma. For the unprepared, smoking this herb can be like flying into space, while experienced smokers will appreciate the intoxicatingly relaxing flair of high, which will immediately envelop the body and keep it in this state for at least several hours.

The good news is that this potent strain is easy to grow and produces stunning results both indoors and outdoors thanks to its hardy genetics. Indoors, plants reach a height of 100-130 cm, outdoors they can reach up to 180 cm. To enhance the effect, experts recommend growing other plants nearby that can scare away pests. The flowering period is relatively short – after 8-9 weeks you can harvest a generous harvest.

Sugar Tits

It is not so easy to find an absolute Sativa with a high THC level, and Sugar Tits is exactly such a variety, which gave him the right to close the charts of the leaders. This pink frosted flower was created by crossing Sour Grape Kush and the Cup-winning Animal Cookies strain.

The flowering period of the strain is 10 days. It cannot boast of high yields, which is compensated by the divine taste and aroma, as well as the magical high. The bright taste of sweet and sour fruits saturates the smoker already at the moment of inhaling the fragrant smoke, which is immediately followed by a euphoric surge of energy, which is especially loved by party-goers and creative people.

The developer of this cannabis strain, which is pleasant in every sense, is Ultra Genetics, which since 2011 does not tire of delighting cannabis fans with fresh, fragrant, and intoxicating novelties.

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