Police seize Yoo Ah In’s phone during drug investigation

Police are reported to have seized Yoo Ah In‘s phone.

As previously reported, Yoo Ah In was being investigated for habitual use of propofol when he also tested positive for marijuana. On February 11, reports revealed police seized the actor’s mobile phone, and they’re currently beginning their digital forensics work to investigate his drug use.

Yoo Ah In was booked by police at Incheon International Airport on the 5th after his trip to the United States. He’s since provided 160 strands of body hair to the National Forensic Service, and the exact results of the body hair assessment will be released within 10 days. THC, one of the main constituents in cannabis, has already been detected in his urine, and as it’s no longer detected in urine after 7-10 days, it’s likely he recently used marijuana.

Meanwhile, Yoo Ah In’s label United Artists Agency stated, “We’ve heard the report, but there’s nothing we can confirm. There’s no additional information from the police.” The label previously stated on the allegations of habitual propofol use, “There’s an investigation by the police. We’re actively cooperating with all related investigations.”  

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