Country Balances The Cannabis High With Generations Of Farming Know-How

Here’s a concept: cannabis that provides a balanced high, with the benefits and calming perks of CBD flower, but also the power of THC, allowing nature to do its work and deliver an entourage or “symphony” of effects.

The cannabis by award-winning Country, based in California, is the result of four generations of proven agricultural practices, providing a balanced high that’s both lucid and effective. A productive and friendly guy-next-door persona is an untapped market in cannabis Country hopes to corner.

Country co-founder Jamie Feaster’s great-great-great-grandfather Juan Camarillo emigrated from Mexico and was a rancher and farmer there since 1834, before the Mexican-American War. It turns out there’s a city in Ventura Country named after his son, Adolfo Camarillo, who founded the city.

“We are ‘Californios,’ inhabitants of Alta California pre-U.S. territory, and still today grow lemons, strawberries, nuts, and more in beautiful Ventura County of California,” says Feaster. “That’s been a big influence on me getting into cannabis, of course.”

Four generations deep, Feaster knows strains that are rich in unique terpenes and have specific desired effects, but with clarity.

Before Country, Feaster co-founded leading cannabis software platform and marketplace Eaze. Country formed along with co-founder Rama Mayo and with the backing of Gary Vaynerchuk and Justin Kan.

Country worked with growers to make a blend of the sativa classic go-to heirloom strain Jack Herer with AC/DC, a strain known for its high percentage of CBD. Jack Herer provides the lucid but powerful high, but the added CBD-rich AC/DC helps mellow out the THC.

“The Good Neighbor blend was when we first set out to create cannabis,” says Feaster. “We tried to source flower for it, and there were some good options. But ultimately, we found the best experience we could, was one that combines an uplifting sativa flower like Jack Herer, with calming CBD flower like AC/DC. So we blended these two together, and realized that the 10% THC and 10% CBD was a perfectly balanced product. It had this calming, uplifting force to it.”

It’s a little less overbearing, and more about helping you focus to keep on track with your productivity, allowing oneself to be a good neighbor. Feaster now prefers to call it “balanced cannabis.” Country does this in pre-roll packs in a Baker’s Dozen, a Pocket Six Pack, or a single pre-roll.

Jack Herer is known for its fairly unique blend of terpenes, a factor equally important as THC and other cannabinoid levels. The combination of terpinolene, pinene, caryophyllene, and myrcene is what makes Jack Herer unique, Feaster says. “The bright terps of the Jack with the mellow sweet berry terps of the myrcene in the AC/DC—just this really balanced flavor.”

It turns out other people liked Good Neighbor as well: At the 2022 Emerald Cup, Country took home third place for Best Pre-Roll Non Infused.

“We really believed that the blend was special—a great way to debut the brand,” he says. “So we launched that as our first product. We submitted it to the Emerald Cup, the World Cup of weed. And we were honored to get third place.”

Country’s new product Old Fashioned, a 1:1 indica blend hits shelves Tuesday on Eaze and in select retailers.

It’s the yin to Good Neighbor’s yang.

“The number one request from our customers was to create a light indica blend that provided much needed rest and rejuvenation after a long, hard day,” Feaster says. People can order on Nabis marketplace or by contacting Country.

Locking in Fresh Flower

To preserve this quality, Country developed a pump-power vacuum-sealed jar to keep pre-rolls fresh, in partnership with Canlock.

Cannabis can dry out, fast, so they turned to an innovative vacuum-sealed jar with a built-in pump that allows you to reseal the jar over and over, preventing your joints from getting stale. The “tsssss” sound ensures a sealed product.

The main reason cannabis goes bad is oxidation, or exposure to air. But Country solved that problem.

“We wanted to preserve the quality of the product that we made,” Feaster says. “We put it in a vacuum-sealed glass jar that has a pump cap that you can read, seal it over and over and over and over again. And we have a six-pack that has pocket-friendly boxes as well, that are resealable, because that’s something that we believe in is preserving the freshness.”

Country products fill a void no one knew existed in the cannabis market.

“People call me all the time, all the time and say, ‘Hey, Jamie, thanks for doing Good Neighbor,” Feaster says. “Like, ‘I haven’t smoked weed in 20 years, I’ve been scared of it. And someone said you should try this one. And I tried it. And this is really for me.’”

Feaster explained that people with legitimate medical reasons for using cannabis also end up contacting him, thanking him for putting pride in a high-CBD joint in a market oversaturated with high-THC products.

“So we feel like the category we’re servicing is the unmet need in the market,” Feaster says. We’re excited about it. And we have a lot of good momentum.”

It’s an uphill battle, he says, given the lack of education at the budtender level and the buyer level, which has gotten slightly better over the past several years.

Honest Cannabis and Honest Cannabinoid Levels

The current state of cannabis is a world in which labs are pressured and incentivized to deliver unrealistic THC levels.

“We’re so focused on THC as an indicator of quality!” Feaster laments. “But if you talk to Cannabis Experts and Cultivators, they agree that THC is just one part of what makes cannabis great. Many Cultivators wish they could grow more balanced cannabis, but worry they can’t sell it.”

He explained the vicious cycle being perpetuated by incentivizing labs and providing perks. Basically the entire cannabis market is incentivized for THC, and there is a lot of misinformation and misrepresentation of the product.

“Instead of trying to create an artificial reality, we stand up for true, honest, cannabis that’s balanced and makes people feel a certain way. When people smoke cannabis, or consume cannabis, they’re not looking for THC,” Feaster says. “They’re looking for a feeling. They’re looking for a flavor.”

Given the hundreds of cannabinoids and dozens of terpenes, some people miss the point with THC.

“Cannabis is a beautiful symphony,” Feaster says. “And we’re treating it like it’s a single instrument! You know, like, so that’s, that’s the thing and and people [don’t always] get it right.”

Check out Country’s store locator to find where it’s sold throughout California.

“We launched retail about a year and a half ago and on Eaze as well. So we have delivery statewide through Eaze, and we’ve got about 75 dispensaries in California carrying the product. You can find Country all the way from LA and San Diego to the smaller, remote areas of Northern California.”

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