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Is the wait over? Fingers cross!!!!

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On Wednesday the commission board gave the final approval to the 2 Class 1 companies for the production and distribution of the low-level THC oil. Botanical Sciences LLc and Truelieve Georgia Inc. are now allowed to begin producing and dispensing medical marijuana in the form of low-THC oil.

The board updated the rules on how patients can obtain the medicine. And order to keep their license these companies are expected to adhere to and maintain the rules of quality control, testing, inspection, product tracking, labeling, dispensing locations, distribution, and enforcement.

List of Georgia Medical Cannabis Commission Board Members

  • Danielle Benson, franchise owner of Massage Envy
  • Dr. William Bornstein, chief medical officer, of Emory Healthcare
  • Dr. Christopher Edwards, principal surgeon, Atlanta Neurological & Spine Institute
  • Jason Hockenberry, associate professor of health policy, Emory University
  • Bill Prather, president, of the Georgia Board of Pharmacy
  • Dr. Judith Rochon, Kaiser Permanente
  • Bob Starrett, Austell police chief

I don’t know about you but this list has insider trading written all over it. The Owner and CEO of Botanical Science LLC are also an MD at Emory. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with a group of friends coming together to find a solution to a problem that will benefit Georgians, however, it begs to question of the ethical nature of the approval process.

It also explains why many of the other companies that were denied approval took issue with the transparency of the selection process.

List of Documents filed by companies for application and petition of dispensary license. This is public information and you can read through the legal documents, as well as see the list of the other companies that were not given approval and their filed petitions.

An interesting fact I noticed was that Truelieve filed a pre-approval petition. I believe this was because they were initially granted a Class 2 license instead of a class one. This means that only Botanicals Science LLC was initially granted a Class 1 license. And as I had mentioned before the owner of BS LLC is an MD at Emory. Interpret that however you so choose.

I guess the good news is that patients with conditions that qualify for the medical grade THC can now get the help they deserve.

Unless you know have connections to this mother, then you are already ahead of the line.

PS: Are we in the clear? Do you think they will get it right this time? What are your thoughts, please share in the comments.

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