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If I can do bad all by myself was a person.

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For many, the wait to receive the benefits of medical marijuana will be a long one. As long as it will take approved dispensaries to legally produce the medication according to the regulation of the GMCC. There are over 14,000 patients who are registered since 2015 to receive medical-grade THC oil and are still waiting in the wings for the lawmakers, Georgia Medical Cannabis Commission members, and their list of approved dispensaries to get their act together.

However, in the meantime, this mother has taken matters into her own hands to deliver her child and other patients the help they need and deserve.

Is she breaking the law?

Is she doing the right thing?

She is doing what any mother would do. I am of the view that regardless if the leaders are struggling with figuring out the details of dispensation, people still need to be treated, and if there is a way to preserve life, and or treat a medical condition, as long as the substance has been legalized and people have been issued cards they have the right to seek medical help.

To each their own though. Some people will sit and wait for the lawmakers to get it right and some will take matters into their own hands. The difference between the two is a matter of how urgent the situation is.

PS: She refuses to wait for others to save her child and for that I commend her. What are your thoughts?

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