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MINT HILL, NC – With every Tom. Dick and Harry selling CBN, you may ask yourself ” will CBN help me”?

If you are suffering from sleep-related disorders, CBN may be the best sleeping aid to take. It has strong sedating properties that can help you achieve better sleep cycles without causing any negative side effects. Although over-the-counter sleep medications can sedate you, they may not be as effective as CBN.

CBN is short for cannabinol. It is produced from cannabigerolic acid (CBGA), which is the first cannabinoid produced in the hemp plant: all the other cannabinoids develop with time and photosynthesis.

What Are the Potential Benefits of CBN? 

CBN for Sleep 

CBN was initially studied for its sleep benefits, particularly after a 1975 study that showed its effectiveness as a sleep aid.

Like most studies on hemp, this one suffered from a limited number of participants. With only five people administered CBN and THC at the same time, the potential benefit of CBN as a sleep aid is still being investigated.

CBN for Pain Relief and Inflammation                                                  

People suffering from chronic pain, arthritis, and inflammation are constantly looking for a pain relief treatment that is effective and has few side-effects. The medical community, always on the lookout for new analgesics, is currently examining CBN in that perspective.

A recent study showed that CBN provided analgesic relief in rats. The results were more powerful when CBN was given in conjunction with CBD.

Another study researching cannabinoids highlighted CBN for its anti-inflammatory potential, which may explain its analgesic properties in the case of inflammation-related conditions.

CBN for Appetite Stimulation

Although most have a healthy appetite, people undergoing chemotherapy or HIV treatment often suffer from depressed appetite. Stimulating their appetite is imperative to give them energy and all the necessary nutrients for the healthy functioning of their body.

CBN has been shown to stimulate appetite on rats in a 2012 study. The mice displayed increases in both meal size and duration.

CBN for Neuro-Protection

Let’s face it, we’re all going to do it…as we age, they are more prone to experience neuro-degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, or ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disorder).

A 2005 study on mice showed that CBN could delay the onset of ALS symptoms. Further investigation could prove fruitful in this area.

CBN as an Antibiotic

At one time or another we all have had to use an antibiotic. The more we use antibiotics, the more resistant bacteria become to them. Pharmaceutical labs are constantly trying to come up with more effective antibiotics, especially if they can target antibiotics-resistant bacteria. As part of this ongoing quest, some research laboratories have looked into CBN.

A 2008 study showed that CBN was effective in killing several drug-resistant bacteria such as MRSA. Interestingly, the study noted the positive effect while highlighting how this “high potency definitely suggests a specific, but yet elusive, mechanism of activity.”

Now you may be asking yourself…. Is CBN Legal?

ABSOLUTLY! The industrial hemp plant has been developed specifically for its low content of THC, which by law needs to be under 0.3%. This means that the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant contain very little THC. Hence, obtaining CBN from hemp requires immense amounts of flowers and buds.

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