Cannabigerol (CBD) vs. Cannabidiol (CBD): Will CBG Be the New CBD?

By this point, practically everyone who knows about CBD has also heard about CBG. Not so common, however, is detailed knowledge regarding what CBG is and how it differs from CBD. With CBG sales recently posting incredible gains in key markets, it’s worthwhile to take a closer look at this hemp cannabinoid, find out what it does, and determine how full spectrum CBG oils might compare to their CBD equivalents.

In this guide, learn what CBG is, how it compares with CBD, and its expected growth trajectory over the next few years. By the end, you’ll know for yourself whether CBG is truly poised to become the new CBD or not.

What Is CBG?

Cannabigerol (CBG) is a natural cannabinoid commonly found in hemp and cannabis. Not as abundant in hemp until recently, certain hemp strains have now been bred to contain as much as 15-20% CBG, making it possible to produce this cannabinoid naturally in mass quantities for the first time.

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As the CBD market has matured over the last few years, a growing segment of farmers have moved to incorporate CBG into their hemp cultivation operations. The result is a rich, dynamic, and fast-growing CBG market that is encountering remarkably few obstacles as it expands.


Let’s start by comparing CBG and CBD based on their similarities and differences:


  • Both CBG and CBD are non-intoxicating
  • Both are covered under the 2018 Farm Bill
  • Both have been studied for their potential therapeutic benefits
  • It’s now possible to produce both CBD and CBG in massive quantities


  • We’re not sure exactly how yet, but CBG and CBD appear to act somewhat differently in the brain
  • CBG is commonly described as energizing while CBD is usually considered relaxing
  • Some users have started feeling that a combination of CBD and CBG is more useful for pain than CBD alone

Overall, CBD and CBG are more similar than they are different. The differences between these two cannabinoids are quite subtle to the extent that a non-habitual user might have trouble distinguishing CBD from CBG based on effects alone. Both cannabinoids are also usually regulated as industrial hemp, meaning neither CBD nor CBG are generally considered illicit drugs.

CBG Sales Are Growing Dramatically

Even though the maturing CBD market is no longer growing at the rapid pace it used to, CBG appears to be picking up the slack. In 2022, CBG sales grew at an unprecedented rate, leaving many stakeholders optimistic that this “new” cannabinoid may soon become just as mainstream as CBD.

Looked at logically, there’s no reason to doubt this hypothesis. While similar enough to be familiar, CBG is also different enough from CBD to be unique, carving out an enduring space for itself within the global hemp market. Shoppers also seem to like CBG a lot, and they’re clearly becoming more willing to buy CBG products as time goes by.

A Multi-Cannabinoid Hemp Market

The hemp market has been in the process of expanding beyond CBD for quite some time, but the explosion of popularity CBG recently enjoyed has served as the first concrete example of hemp becoming more than just CBD to the average consumer. By 2025, we’re highly confident that CBG, CBN, and perhaps even CBC will be just as mainstream as CBD with a multi-cannabinoid hemp economy becoming the accepted state of affairs.

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After all, cannabinoids work best together. As long as there’s an economical, natural way to source them, there’s no reason CBD shouldn’t now be accompanied by a much wider palette of available cannabinoids.

Summary: Is CBG the New CBD?

We wouldn’t go quite so far as to say that CBG is the new CBD since that would imply that there’s some sort of competition afoot. In truth, there’s no reason one cannabinoid has to be dominant over the other. CBG and CBD can work in harmony — as nature has designed them to do — opening the door to a nearly infinite array of potential product formulations that combine the two cannabinoids.

In terms of comparative economic potential, though, CBG could well be the next best thing to come after CBD. It won’t be the last, though — CBN is looming on the horizon with a dozen or more additional cannabinoids lining up patiently behind.

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