Cannabis Control Commission Extends COVID Orders for 2023

WORCESTER – The Cannabis Control Commission voted unanimously to extend its threee of its COVID-19 orders until December 31, 2023. Those orders allow for telehealth consultations for first-time medical patient, curbside pickup for Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers, and virtual community outreach meetings,

The agency may choose to modify these orders before the deadline by a vote of the commission.

These orders, first enacted in the early days of the COVID-19 public health emergency, have been extended several times. During a special public meeting on Dec. 28, Commissioners voted to temporarily extend the orders until a public meeting on Feb. 9.

On Feb. 9, Commission Executive Director Shawn Collins reported that since March 2020, 80% of all initial provider visits with first-time patients of the medical marijuana program were conducted via telehealth. In December 2022, that percentage was 87%.

Of 100 Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers in Massachusetts, 13 continue to offer curbside services.

The Cannabis Control Commission maintains a searchable database of licensed retailers.

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