Collier County to continue ban on medical marijuana dispensaries

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. — On Tuesday night Collier County Commissioners voted to continue their ban on medical marijuana dispensaries in Collier County.

During a meeting on January 24, the Board considered, under Item 11A, whether to waive the nighttime hearing requirements of an LDC amendment that would allow medical marijuana dispensaries in the same areas as pharmacies in Collier County.

The discussion evolved into banning dispensaries within Collier County.

The County Attorney prepared and advertised for public hearing and proposed an ordinance that bans the establishment or
location of medical marijuana treatment center dispensing facilities within Collier County.

“It’s a little disheartening that a patient has to load their wheelchair into the back of their car and drive up… and gas isn’t getting any cheaper, right. They can go to Marco Island or Bonita Springs… but there’s still a really big area of Collier they have to travel from. They pay a lot of money to live here… why can’t we purchase medicine from a dispensary in this county,” said Nicholas Garulay from My Florida Green. 

The mayor of Naples was among those asking the commission to keep the ban in place.

She urges people to be cautious about expanding or allowing medical marijuana in Collier County because of the long-term effects it has on people.

For now, you still cannot buy medical marijuana in Collier County unless you drive down to Marco Island or north to Lee County 

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