How to Get Hired as a Cannabis Delivery Driver

With plenty of job-hungry competition, getting your foot in the door of the cannabis industry can be challenging. But it’s not impossible. One of the best ways to start your cannabis career is by working one of the popular cannabis entry-level jobs in the space. From a budtender to a trimmer, there are a few cannabis jobs that can ignite your career. One of them is the role of the cannabis delivery driver.   

It seems easy enough. However, there is plenty you need to know to be a successful dispensary driver, especially if you’re using the role as a launching pad to bigger and better positions. We want you to not only land the role of dispensary driver but use it to advance your career. Our guide contains everything you need to know about how to get hired as a cannabis delivery driver and what higher-paid roles it can lead to. Shift your gear into drive and read on!   

Why Be a Cannabis Delivery Driver? 

The cannabis delivery driver is similar to a budtender and is one of the most popular entry-level cannabis jobs in the industry. One of the main reasons to become a marijuana delivery driver is to start your career in the space. If you love cannabis but have little to no experience in the industry, this is one of the best roles to start with. You’ll be able to provide a valued service to thousands who need medical or recreational cannabis and do so on a flexible schedule. You need to be personable, professional, and knowledgeable of the marijuana products you’re delivering–praiseworthy skills for any cannabis role. Also, the job gives you more networking opportunities and can lead to advanced positions in the space, like dispensary manager or distribution manager. 

What are the Job Responsibilities of a Cannabis Delivery Driver? 

It sounds simple. Pick up the cannabis products and drop them off to the customer. However, there’s more to it than that. Drivers should have clean driving records and commit to being responsible on the road. They must also know how to navigate the areas they will make deliveries to. Delivering products in a timely manner is crucial, so the customer will be happy and have more incentive to stay loyal to the cannabis dispensary.   

There are also a few other responsibilities the cannabis delivery driver needs to uphold. One, they should be able to provide a friendly service. They represent the dispensary brand, so having incredible interpersonal skills is necessary. Second, they need to be precise and attentive. Taking payments, cross-referencing order receipts with the products they pick up, and checking IDs or medical cards are all part of the job. Third, they should be knowledgeable of cannabis products. They may have to converse with the customer beyond a greeting, so educating themselves on the CBD and THC dispensary inventory is a major plus. 

Skills Needed: 

  • Must have exceptional customer service and interpersonal skills 
  • Needs to have excellent organizational skills
  • Be knowledgeable about cannabis products to educate customers or make recommendations 
  • Must be able to navigate the locations the dispensary provides services to and be punctual

If you work for a cannabis dispensary, they will likely have scheduled hours for you. However, if you work for a delivery service that includes cannabis deliveries, you may be able to set your own hours. Although the delivery driver role is usually part time, there is a possibility you can turn it into a full-time gig.  

What Cannabis Jobs Can a Dispensary Delivery Driver Position Lead to? 

Starting your cannabis career as a delivery driver will set you on the right path to higher-paying jobs in the space. Like starting as a trimmer or budtender, by being a delivery driver, you’ll expand your cannabis network and learn more about how the space functions. According to HubSpot, 85% of jobs overall are filled via networking. Therefore, you should connect with as many people as possible while you are in the role. You can take your career deeper into retail, operations, or manufacturing. Gauge your interests what you excel in before you pursue a higher-paying role in cannabis. Some of the jobs you can move up to are delivery manager and director of distribution in the long run.   

Delivery Manager 

As a cannabis delivery manager, you will oversee all day-to-day operations for the delivery areas of the dispensary. It will be your responsibility to manage efficiencies, execute strategies, and find ways to improve the delivery experience 

Common Delivery Manager Job Duties  

  • Lead inventory efficiency functions, including intake, cycle counts, and inventories 
  • Manage the customer experience, consistency of the online shopping experience, and receipt of order 
  • Ensure the business is following all city and state regulations  


Director of Distribution 

A director of distribution in cannabis is responsible for the management and refinement of daily warehouse and distribution operations. They have the responsibility to manage several warehouse areas, including product storage, picking/packing, delivery, and inventory control.  

Common Director of Distribution Job Duties  

  • Manage daily operations and logistics of the cannabis warehouse 
  • Oversee inventory and order accuracy, as well as delivery performance 
  • Coach and develop team to meet/exceed cannabis business goals  

Cannabis Delivery Driver FAQs 

How much money does a cannabis delivery driver make? 

It depends on what cannabis business you work for and how much you want to work. Typically, you can make anywhere between $15 to $20 an hour or more. Additionally, you may get product discounts and could make tips depending on the rapport you build with customers.   

How does cannabis delivery work? 

It works like a regular online delivery service. The dispensary takes the orders and fills them as fast as it can for a designated fee. However, there is a limit: one ounce of flower, eight grams of extract, and 1,000 mg of THC edibles. You can typically deliver cannabis products to any home, hotel, or non-government address. 

Do you need a car to be a cannabis delivery driver? 

Yes, you will need access to a reliable vehicle to carry out the duties of a marijuana delivery driver.  

What happens if you are pulled over with cannabis products to deliver? 

If the cannabis products you are delivering are sealed and not accessible to you in the driver’s seat, you shouldn’t run into any problems. If you want to play it safe, keep your deliveries in the trunk to avoid wrongful assumptions. 

Where is Cannabis Delivery Legal?  

Regulations surrounding the delivery of cannabis varies by state. Here are the states where cannabis delivery is legal: 

Medical Cannabis Delivery Only

Arizona: Medical cannabis delivery is legal, but adult-use cannabis delivery regulations are not yet established. 

Arkansas: Medical cannabis delivery to qualifying patients is legal. 

Delaware: Delivery to medical cannabis patients with approval from the Office of Medical Marijuana is allowed.  

Florida: Medical cannabis delivery is legal for registered patients. 

Maryland: Medical cannabis can be delivered. 

Montana: Medical dispensaries can deliver cannabis to medical patients.  

New Mexico: New Mexico permits medical cannabis delivery.

North Dakota: Medical cannabis can be delivered to registered patients and designated caregivers. 

Rhode Island: Medical cannabis delivery is allowed, but rules have not been set in place yet for recreational marijuana delivery. 

Utah: Medical marijuana delivery in Utah is allowed by licensed couriers or pharmacy licensees. 

Vermont: You cannot deliver adult-use cannabis, but you can deliver medical cannabis. 

Medical and Adult-Use Cannabis Delivery

California: Both medical and adult-use cannabis delivery is legal. 

Colorado: Colorado allows the delivery of medical and adult-use cannabis. 

Connecticut: Retailers, micro-cultivators, and dispensary facilities can deliver cannabis with their own employees. Delivery licenses permit a standalone delivery company to make deliveries from retail stores to consumers.   

Maine: Maine allows medical and adult-use cannabis delivery. 

Massachusetts: Both medical and recreational cannabis delivery is legal. However, the two types of adult-use cannabis delivery licenses are limited to social equity applicants until 2024. 

Michigan: Cannabis can be delivered to a customer’s physical residence or a recreational-designated consumption location.  

Nevada: Retail facilities can deliver cannabis to patients, caregivers, or adult-use cannabis customers.  

New Jersey: Medical and adult-use cannabis can be delivered from the dispensary or a third-party delivery licensee.

New York: New York permits both medical and recreational cannabis delivery. However, the state did not issue recreational delivery licenses yet. 

Oregon: Cannabis can be delivered to medical patients or recreational consumers. 

In the past year, these are the top five states searching for the term “cannabis delivery,” according to Google Trends. These locations may have more cannabis job opportunities for delivery drivers than other states.  

  • California 
  • Nevada 
  • Colorado
  • Massachusetts 
  • Michigan 

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