OLCC expands recall of cannabis vape products

Agency says cartridges contain prohibited additives

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) – The Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission said Tuesday it is expanding the recall of cannabis vape products that was initially noticed on January 12th. OLCC investigators have determined that three additional production batches of cannabis vape cartridges appear to contain prohibited additives.

The expanded recall includes vape cartridges that have been sold under the brand name Firefly Extracts or Smoke-Rite Wellness and were manufactured by Hillsboro-based Plank Road Laboratories, Inc., an OLCC licensed marijuana processor. The expanded recall encompasses three new production batches that were made into 10 total product lines. About 7000 units have been sold from these batches and about 500 units were still in the market.

The products do not conform to state standards regarding cannabis additives and therefore should not be sold. Production records indicate that the recalled items contain CBN, an artificially derived cannabinoid and CBC, a synthetic cannabinoid.

Under Oregon law, inhalable products like vape cartridges cannot contain artificially derived cannabinoids. Additionally, the synthetic CBC does not comply with OLCC requirements for non-cannabis additives in inhalable products, and is also prohibited under Oregon law.

The recall is expanded to the Firefly Extracts products identified below:

Product name: Firefly – “Purple Kush 8:1” vape cartridge | Manufacture Date: 05/27/2022 (Label ID 5658) | Sold starting 06/21/2022 

Product name: Firefly – “Suver Haze” vape cartridge | Manufacture Date: 05/24/2022 (Label ID 5658) | Sold starting 03/11/2022 

Product name: Firefly – “T-1” or “High CBD 8:1” vape cartridge | Manufacture Date: 05/19/2022 (Label ID 5658) | Sold starting 05/19/2022 

Product name: Firefly – Cherry Wife 8:1” or “High CBD Blend 8” vape cartridge | Manufacture Date: 09/09/2021 (Label ID 5658) | Sold starting 02/13/2022

Product name: Firefly or Smoke-Rite Wellness – “Cherry Wife 1:1” or “High CBD Blend 1” or “High CBD Blend 1:1” vape cartridge | Manufacture Date: 09/09/2021 (Label ID 5658 or 344) | Sold starting 10/23/2021

Product name: Firefly or Smoke-Rite Wellness – “Cherry Wife 2:1” or “High CBD Blend 2” or “High CBD Blend 2:1” vape cartridge | Manufacture Date: 09/09/2021 (Label ID 5658 or 344) | Sold starting 12/12/2021

Product name: Firefly or Smoke-Rite Wellness – “Cherry Wife 10:1” or “High CBD Blend 10” or “High CBD Blend 10:1” vape cartridge | Manufacture Date: 07/27/2021 (Label ID 5658 or 344) | Sold starting 08/16/2021

Product name: Firefly – El Jefe” or “High CBD Blend 0” vape cartridge | Manufacture Date: 07/15/2021 (Label ID 5658) | Sold starting 07/28/2021

Product name: Firefly – Sour Space Candy” vape cartridge | Manufacture Date: 05/03/2021 (Label ID 5658) | Sold starting 05/09/2021

Product name: Firefly – “High CBD Blend 0” vape cartridge | Manufacture Date: 12/1/2020 (Label ID 5658) | Sold starting 12/24/2020 

Approximations of the recalled product packaging are attached at the bottom of this press release.

Consumers who purchased the recalled products are encouraged to destroy them. The OLCC has not received any health-related complaints from the use of the recalled products. Consumers with health-related concerns about a recalled product should contact the Oregon Poison Center at 800-222-1222, or their medical provider.

If consumers have other product related complaints related to this recall, they should notify the OLCC at olcc.recalls@oregon.gov and include any information they have, including the consumer’s name and phone number, or alternative means of contact.

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