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  • Tetrahydrocannibinol, or THC, is the psychoactive compound that is dominant in Marijuana/dagga and is the part of the plant that is associated with the “high” that recreational users seek.

    The industrial hemp varieties are naturally low in THC and cannot get you high.

    It is thought that the natural form of the Cannabis plant was fairly low in THC and THC was concentrated through selective breeding in regions where the plant was used recreationally, medicinally or as religious sacrament. Please read this article for more info.


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  •   Cannabinoids, the active ingredients in the Cannabis plant, are found mostly in the female flowers and have been shown to have medicinal use.

    CBD is the dominant cannabinoid in the industrial hemp varieties and has been shown to have anti-psychotic effects and can counteract the psychoactivity of THC, another reason why hemp will not get you high.

    CBD from hemp is showing huge potential as a therapeutic compound and there are several studies being done to prove its medicinal value.

    As it is not psychoactive or toxic, CBD from hemp should remain available as an over-the-counter supplement as it has the capacity to help many people.


The Cannabis plant also has a host of other cannabinoids that are still being researched, and there seems to be no end to what this plant can offer. The next few years will certainly be exciting.

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