Feb 18 | Get your medical cannabis card from home in less than 24hrs!

Appointments Available 6 Days a Week

Monday-Friday, 10am-8pm

Saturdays 10am-2pm

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We’ve been nominated every year since 2019 for “Best Clinic to get Certified for a Medical Card” by a poll in The Chicago Reader. Check back with us for results in March!

Why become a cannabis patient in a recreational State?

– You’ll pay half the taxes that a recreational user will at the dispensary and have access to a larger list of products

– You’ll get your card in less than 24hrs

– You’ll have protection at work. A slip and fall with cannabis in your system no longer means trouble or even worse firing

– For those on an organ donor waiting list you will no longer be excluded for having cannabis in your system

– If you want to grow cannabis it’s cheaper if you have a patient card, and you can even designate a caregiver to grow for you

You can book your appointment online on our website


Or you can reach out to us directly to get started

Educated Alternative

Email: support@educatedalternative.org

Call/Text: 314.833.3303

Facebook: @EducatedAlternative

Are you looking for a reputable place to get CBD products shipped directly to your home, click here now

Are you already a patient and looking for a reputable seed bank, click here to purchase seeds now

Illinois residents can use the same link to book an appointment:

Tell your Illinois friends they’ll pay less than 2% tax, unlike the up to 43% tax they pay as recreational users, have a better menu selection and only patients can legally grow at home in Illinois!

Illinois patients can now even apply for a Missouri card too

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