Get The Good Night’s Sleep You Deserve With Slumber Sleep Aid’s Premium CBN

Slumber offers a wide variety of sleep aids, like tinctures, gummies, capsules, and soft gels. 

Whether it’s you’re first time trying CBN, or you haven’t found an effective product, we suggest checking out Slumber’s 6-Day CBN Sleep Kit, a starter kit for improved rest. 

This bundle features two of the brand’s best-selling products, including:

Although Slumber also offers gummies and capsules, their tinctures and softgels are an excellent, easy, and convenient way to begin your experience with CBN. 

These particular products are completely free of THC, meaning there are no trace amounts of this cannabinoid. Only premium CBN in two easy-to-dose formats. This also means it’s federally legal in the United States. See below for more information about what’s included in the 6-Day CBN Sleep Kit.

CBN Tincture Sample: Comes with a total of 30mg CBN, with 10mg CBN per 1 ml vial (one serving). It comes in a delicious Dreamsicle flavor (orange + vanilla). As one serving is 10mg CBN, this kit has a 3-day supply.

CBN Softgels Sample: Discreet, easy, and convenient, these CBN Softgels contain 5mg CBN per softgel with a total of 30mg CBN per pack. As one serving is 10mg CBN, this kit has a 3-day supply.

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