Aspiring pilot questions about Med 1 cert

@Ronald Levy

First, the fact that your past convictions might be expunged changes nothing.

According to my lawyer, this is not correct. Upon expungement, I am no longer legally required to divulge that conviction upon any circumstances. 

Also, I have no idea as to what form your talking about or what it entails, so how am I to know this?  

The only form I have seen is a 8500-5 of which does not contain that question. 

What forms are required for my med1?

The fact that the FAA cares to this extent is a bit ridiculous, If someone is healthy and can pass a physical and a drug screening, then what more can they do?  The FAA should just institute more regular drug screening, if no drugs are found then what the F does the past matter? 

This seems to be more about the FAA not wanting to have any liability upon accidents occurring, yet a pilot can still lie on the forms get clearance and they would be none the wiser..

Seems like a great structure. 
Very trustworthy process….Taste a bit like Swiss cheese. 

Thanks for your response Ronald. 

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