Sunbury Man Charged with Illegal Sale of Medical Marijuana |


SELINSGROVE – is reporting… State police at Selinsgrove say a Sunbury man illegally sold his medical marijuana to another man in Snyder County.   Dillen Allen Wallace, 20, now faces a misdemeanor charge for the illegal sales.   Trooper Craig Magnuson said the sales were discovered when they seized a backpack from a driver during a traffic stop. Police pulled over Andrew Knight the morning of Jan. 22 at the intersection of N. Market and Bridge streets in Selinsgrove. Knight was determined to be intoxicated and was taken into custody.  When troopers asked Knight about the backpack, he told them he had not obtained a medical marijuana card. Troopers searched the bag and found a glass pipe with burnt marijuana residue, marijuana vaporizers, and marijuana flower.

Three of the items had prescription label stickers on them with Wallace’s name, Magnuson wrote in the affidavit. The label indicated Wallace’s medical marijuana prescription was filled on Dec. 12 at the Ayr dispensary in Selinsgrove.   Knight admitted he had purchased the medical marijuana items from Wallace for $60 each.   When Magnuson contacted Wallace, he admitted he had smoked marijuana with Knight but denied selling him the medical marijuana.   A preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 15 at the office of District Judge John H. Reed.

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